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Our Facility

Established in 2017 and licensed since 2018, my daycare meets the State of Hawaii’s highest health and safety standards in accordance with DHS.

Indoor Play Room
(Currently closed due to pandemic)

Our Indoor Play Room is complete with classic gray faux wood grain foam mats to provide extra cushion and softness for crawling babies and tumbling toddlers. Extra thick bumpers on wall trims add an additional layer of protection so we can play freely. We are equipped with an 18,000 BTU air conditioning unit to help keep the play room cool on even the hottest Hawaiian days. Our various play centers offer experiences designed to help stimulate and promote learning through play. 

Outdoor Play Space

Our Outdoor Play Space is completely fenced in; Children are given the freedom to choose between our climbers, slides, and water tables. Gus, the Colorful Caterpillar, offers a silly tunnel to hide in with windows fit for champion peek-a-booers. During the summer, we may cool off on our splash pad or bouncy water house. Weather permitting, we try to spend at least a few hours a day outside.

Safe Sleep


All adult household members complete annual training for safe sleep practices. All children are provided with one ECR4Kids Cot to rest on and any child who falls asleep elsewhere will be moved onto their cot. Children are placed on their backs to rest if under 12 months. For children under 12 months old, they will be kept in separate playpens for naps. No foreign objects or toys will be placed in the resting area while the baby is asleep. All areas are well ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature. Children are checked for breathing every 10-15 minutes and an adult will always be supervising. Once your child reaches 12 months of age, I will transition them from the playpen to a cot.

Bed sharing is not allowed, and I will provide individual cots and a light blanket for children 12months and up. All cots are sanitized daily. Your child is welcome to bring a pillow for additional comfort or a special blanket. (Photos coming soon!)

Dining Area & Restroom

WKD has a small table with 6 chairs and 2 pocket high chairs. Bibs, utensils, and color coded water bottles for cold water are provided daily. A large water proof mat is used to help contain spills and messes from lunches so kids can practice using utensils and feeding themselves. **Photos were taken prior to painting and rearranging, updated photos to come soon!

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