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Hours of Operation


Closed for all DOE school breaks and major holidays

  • Do you charge a registration or activity fee?
    I do not. My rates have been carefully chosen to include the costs of running my business while still remaining affordable.
  • Do you provide part time care?
    Because my license allows a limited number of children in care, I base my tuition per spots available. When you enroll, your child claims one of those spots regardless if they attend the day or not. If your child is not present one day, I cannot simply fill their space; Therefore, I charge the same monthly rate and am prepared to offer your ohana professional care five days a week as needed except for holiday and break closures. This also helps your child establish a healthy routine.
  • Do you potty train?
    Yes, but parents are solely responsible for leading potty training and my job is to assist you. Bodily fluids on my floors are a safety and health hazard and the time it takes to properly clean and sanitize multiple times a day affects my ability to be fully attentive to the other children. Children must be in pull-ups/diapers while in my care for a minimum of 2-weeks accident free before they can come in underwear. Child will continue to be in pull-ups or diapers during naps until accident free for 3 weeks, unless you would like to personally provide 2-3 towels (or a waterproof mat) and a bag to send home when soiled daily.
  • Do you accept Childcare Connections?
    Yes, I do! A link to the application can be found under Enrollment & Rates.
  • We expected more flexibility from a family child care home, why do you close for seasonal breaks?
    I understand that for some it may be difficult to find care during seasonal breaks. I love both working with kids and that it allows me the opportunity to be home with my own, but my children must share me on an average of 45 hours a week and it is important that I spend one on one time with them as often as I can. Aside from holidays, I do not include my seasonal breaks in my rates, so you are not paying for my time off.
  • How can I ensure my child has a spot in your daycare?
    Due to the high demand for childcare, I no longer accept holding fees. You may fill out the online form to be added to my waitlist. Once a spot opens up, everyone on the waitlist will be contacted. Those still interested will receive a copy of my policy handbook and enrollment forms. If my policies work for your family, we will then move on to scheduling an interview.
  • Do you offer payment plans? Which methods of payment do you accept?
    Payments are accepted in the form of 1. Cash 2. Check (Preferred method) Please make all checks payable to Ua Tuahine Kekipi. Should your check be returned one or more times, you will then be required to use an alternative payment method for the remainder of my service. I do not accept predated checks. 3. Credit/debit transactions through the Brightwheel App. 4. Venmo @WKDaycare You will receive a digital receipt through Brightwheel within 7 business days of making a payment. You have two choices for payment: 1. Full monthly payment is due by 5pm the first Friday of each month. For the first initial month of beginning care, tuition is due on the start of the first day of care minus the holding fee if one was given. 2. Pay Bi-weekly. Half tuition paid by 5pm on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. *Drop In’s- Payment is due upon dropping your child off the day of care. **Should any of these days fall on a day I am closed, whether for a personal day or for seasonal breaks, payment will be due by 5pm the business day before. If partaking in bi-weekly payments and I just so happen to be closed for break, you must still pay by the due date or pay in full before daycare closures.
  • Are meals included?
    It has always been my goal to be able to provide meals however, I am unable to do so at this time. Parents are responsible for feeding their child breakfast prior to arriving at WKD and packing a balanced lunch along with an am and pm snack.

Contact Info

PO Box 385348
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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