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Class Library


We absolutely love our books! Children often request to read multiple books a day; Sometimes, even the same book over and over. I never expect a toddler to sit still and just listen. Little minds just aren't built for that! Instead, we like our keiki to immerse themselves into every story. Gather around, feel each page, is it smooth or is it bumpy? Can you point at the red fish? Give him a little tickle, that's so silly! Let's count how many toes we see in this book!


Books are tricycle tracks to new worlds and we are always grateful for more! If you'd like to help us build our library, click here to see our wish list! It doesn't need to be brand new, donations of gently used books are always welcome.

Hawaiiana Books

all pau with diapers
sand mouses soup
things that go on water in hawaii
twinkle twinkle small hoku
whose slippers are those
little malias big poi idea
island toes
something different something new
a coconut named bob
uncles magic thrownet
kona and his hardshell
g is for gecko
hawaiian ocean lullabye
a fishy alphabet
a is for aloha
one to ten in hawaii

Other Class Favorites

See, touch, feel
Lets go, rescue trucks
Fun in the Sun
Counting in the Garden
Sign About Meal Time
Curlys Friends
no probllama
never touch a dragon
Never feed a yeti spaghetti
Hop on pop
Where is Babys Birthday Cake
If I Could Keep You Little
The Nose Book
Mamas Milk Mama me alimenta
Ten little fingers ten little toes
if you plant a seed
how to charm a llama
hand, hand, fingers, thumb
Quiero a mi papa porque
Quantum Physics for Babies
From head to toe
The Foolish Tortoise
Germs Are Not for Sharing
calm down time
hands are not for hitting
teeth are not for biting
No biting
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