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About Waikoloa Keiki Daycare

A Learning Through Laughter Approach

My belief as a caregiver

The brain does 75% of its growth in the first three years and a solid foundation is essential. Movements as simple as a newborn turning their head to follow an object you place in front of them helps to develop object permanence. A two year old sorting through blocks provides the perfect opportunity to teach about colors, shapes, quantity and even hand/eye coordination. Playing Ring-around-the-Rosie teaches sequence and teamwork. Our children will have 12+ years of structural learning ahead of them as they grow up. A play based program allows children to continue being children all the while learning by having fun. I encourage learning through laughter with a mess friendly approach! Children are given daily opportunities for age appropriate sensory, gross and fine motor development, literacy, music, child-lead individual and group activities.


Pragmatic language is encouraged through labeling emotions and building positive characteristics. At this age, we focus on displaying good manners, respecting our peers, and introducing routines. The only structured schedule we have is morning snack, lunch, naps, and pm snack. Otherwise, we take each day as they come and what we do and the order we do it in all depends on the children. Care is provided between my air-conditioned living room and outdoor play space where your child will have the power to freely explore the world for themselves in a safe and stimulating environment. 

"Play is the highest form of research!" -Albert Einstein

Say Goodbye to Paper Reports!

We try to be as paperless as possible. To do so, we use Brightwheel for all communications. Brightwheel is an amazing app available on both Android and IOS. Upon acceptance into Waikoloa Keiki Daycare, you will be sent an invite via text to download the app. Here, you will be able to receive notification updates on your child’s day! 


Brightwheel is also a paper-free way to sign your child in and out! Majority of my families sign a waiver giving me permission to sign their child in and out on behalf of them. This makes it easy to drop off and pick up quick. Sign in should be done as soon as your child has walked over my threshold and into my care. Sign outs should be done as soon as you and your child have exited my home.

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